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Applied technologies

NKDent dental clinic means, first of all, a highly experienced team, but also it means a high-tech dental tools which allow us to execute the works safely and efficiently. Any kind of work.

Scaler NSK Varios 970

Ultrasonic scaler NSK Varios 970. Perfect teeth and shiny smile.

Apex Locator VDW.GOLD

Apex-locator VDW.GOLD. Maximal precision in endodontics for qualitative surgeries.

ThermaPrep Plus

ThermaPrep Plus heater is equipped with a timer. Maximal comfort and safety due to Thermafil heater usage.

IC Lercher

IC Lercher optical lenses kit allows us to prepare all the places, without missing any corner.

KaVo Prophyflex 3

KaVo Prophyflex 3 airflow kit is perfectly designed to ensure the wonderful smile.

NSK Surgic Pro

NSK Surgic Pro physiodispenser is equipped with the unique function of torque calibration. So much as you need and no more.

Durr Vector

Durr Vector is a true leader in non-traumatic therapy. The innovations are covering also the periodontology.

Melag VacuKlav 40B+

Melag VacuKlav 40B+ is an efficient and fast sterilizer. The high quality sterilization for your safety.

Digital Ultrasonic

Due to Digital Ultrasonic the tools cleaning became more efficient as a sterilization step.

Programat P500

Ivoclar Vivadent Programat P500 - the best oven for porcelain and ceramics preparation.

Sirona InEos X5

Sirona InEos X5 scaner will make the modeling better and more efficient. The future belongs to the digital ideas.

Cerec 3

Sirona Cerec 3 oral scaner ensures the maximal quality of scanning and sample sharpening. This guarantees ideal fitment for modeled objects.


Zirkonzahn milling machine offer the possibility to create perfect zirconia crowns and bridges which fit ideally in mouth without causing any discomfort.


BioArt articulator and facial arch can reproduce exactly the articulation moves to create the perfect shape of restored teeth.

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