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Veneers - the best dental facets

A Hollywood smile – this is everyone’s dream, who cares about his look. Even if your teeth are naturally white and ideal, they can lose the whiteness during the years. In this cases you can recover the natural whiteness and expressiveness. In these cases our aestheticians are ready to help you.

We offer you the possibility to apply the veneers which will make your smile natural and beautiful.


They represent a kind of facets of composite, ceramics or zirconia. These facets are applied on the frontal and lateral teeth. The unique method allows you to recover even the damaged smile without any signs. The veneers are installed in the medical center.

Now it is easier to obtain a wonderful smile. Just apply the veneers and enjoy the new dimension of beauty.

Advantages of veneers application:

  1. Natural teeth aspect after veneers applicaiton;
  2. The veneers are resistant to spots and discoloration – this is a true advantage for coffee lovers or smokers;
  3. The teeth with veneers are resistant to plaque;
  4. Compared to the crowns, teeth are prepared less in case of veneers;
  5. Respecting the rules of veneers using their term of validity is more than 10 years;
  6. Fully biocompatible with the oral cavity tissues.

A 100% painless procedure. Rebuilding of your smile is now easier with the zirconia veneers.

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