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Endodontic treatment of root canal

A “channel” is a term that refers to a cavity or space in the center of the tooth. This is formed of the pulp chamber that provides nutrients and of nerves.

In the poorly processed tooth root canal remain bacteria, leading to inflammatory processes. This results in severe pain that may spread to other areas of the face or head. The serious infections (like cysts) lead to bone loss around the tooth root tip.

The teeth can become damaged and infected due to caries, repeated dental procedures, or face trauma. Constant pain, swelling, prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold and tooth discoloration are signs of required endodontic treatment. A visit to the dentist will determine the best type of treatment for each case.

We ensure that you will get superior therapy of dental canal because we use unrivaled technologies.
By our endodontic treatment we are trying to save the tooth from extraction.

More qualitative treatment

Due to using magnifying glasses no places remain unexamined. These give us a better view and access even in the most difficult of the tooth angles. They allow us to establish a better diagnosis and more precise treatment.


To ensure that we reach our goal, NKDent Dental Clinic has always relied on the latest technologies of endodontic treatment. Therefore we are working with magnifying glass "ICLERCHER" and endodontic piece "WDV.GOLD"

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