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Cosmetic dentistry

Most people think that having white teeth and perfect smile is just a dream. The good news is that our team of specialized dentists can do this and much more.

Cosmetic dentistry aims to create positive change in own image. NKDent Dental Clinic can provide you with a fresh smile, with natural aspect that will make you look great and feel much better.

While some people have naturally beautiful smiles, anyone can get it by help of a dentist.

We create smiles brighter and better.

Cosmetic dentistry includes:

dental restorations

dental veneers (from pressed ceramic, or on a carcass of zirconium)

dental crowns: ceramic crowns on metal carcass, on carcass of zirconia and integral ceramic crowns

dental bridges

From a wide range of materials and latest technologies we are planning individual treatment plan for each patient.

Visit us and you will discover the best dental treatment, the best cosmetic dental option which is perfect for you!


To get the best results put all interested questions to doctor about techniques and materials used, and your expectations will be satisfied.

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